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About Us

Vegas Simple Weddings

It’s time to turn the page of your life and leave your past behind. Start a new chapter of your journey.  We created wedding packages that offers unlimited options. Book now on-line or call us. Our 20  years in the wedding industry has sharpened our insight to what matters to couples. Our goal is to make you happy on your Wedding Day.


Flowers, Pictures, Videos, Wedding Cake, Tux, Gown, Limousine, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon, Wedding Reception, are all part of creating the wedding of your dream. However, one important factor that is often neglected is the content of the message the Minister will deliver. We believe in the Biblical Principle of marriage. Though surprising to many that the word “God” and “Christ” is a matter of preference, we, as a Wedding Chapel, under the authority of Christ given to us to perform ceremonies, include His name.


Upon request, we offer pre-marital counseling. We encourage couples to utilize our online support group on marital and family relationships. Locals also have the opportunity to attend our weekly Marriage Builder Group meetings.