California and Las Vegas Weddings – Find the Right Locations!

May 24, 2017 by Jannette Ham

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California and Las Vegas Weddings – Find the Right Locations!

Sometimes picking the perfect destination among all the wedding locations is difficult! If you are planning your wedding day, you can find beautiful, romantic, and incredibly affordable locations on the West Coast. California and Las Vegas weddings emulate the breezy style and casual luxury of the West Coast. The year-round beautiful weather is ideal for any ceremony.

Timing is Everything 

In almost any city, you can find affordable opportunities that will adhere to your financial budget.  However, you should still choose your destination wisely!  The most expensive day of the week to have your wedding is on Saturday.  As you might have guessed, this is because most ceremonies happen on this day. Choosing this traditional day raises the overall cost of any get-together let alone a wedding. Even rentals and catering will be more expensive on a Saturday.

Choose your month

The month that you choose to marry also plays a huge role when it comes to marriage costs. This is yet another reason to have a California or Vegas wedding. November through April, weddings are going to be less costly than weddings taking place in the summer.  A Vegas wedding will have beautiful weather during this time frame. In fact, Nevada has a lot of sunshine all year round.

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Wedding Photography

Wedding photography in Nevada is amongst the most affordable in the country.  One reason is that the tourist photography companies are competing for your business. There are several companies that offer Vegas Wedding Packages such as the ones that Vegas Simple Weddings offer. These packages are both high quality and affordable, which is a common Vegas theme.

Couples that like to travel and play will love the Vegas Wedding experience. If you don’t believe me, come to Vegas to see for yourself.  Vegas is one of the most popular of all wedding locations!

wedding locations

One wonderful aspect of the Las Vegas wedding scene is that there are so many affordable venues.  Additionally, there are many affordable distributors of high-quality materials that you can use for your wedding.

Cisco and many other food distribution companies have hubs in Las Vegas.  If you are holding a large wedding, try to get food supply at wholesale prices.  This is a very beneficial way to keep the costs of the reception and the overall wedding more affordable.

Prime Weather

Did I mention the great weather out here? During the off-season for weddings, everything is just cheaper. When you’re pricing for venues, food, or even for clothing you can get discount prices in Las Vegas.  This is particularly true during the colder seasons, which happen to be very reasonably temperate.

Of all the wedding locations, which would you prefer?

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